Worst dating advice ever

Hence, you should never take dating, sex, courtship nor relationship advice from a woman.She will almost always steer you down the wrong road…inadvertently so. 😉 😉 What works is exactly what most of us aren’t willing to do…and that is change.Therefore, as a guy, whenever you seek dating advice from a girl, it isn’t likely that she’ll not share something with you. Usually, that “something” is some bullshit cliche or outdated advice like: “Just be yourself” “Women like nice guys” “Take her on a lavish date if you want her to like you” “Wait 4 dates before sex” “Call her right away” “Calling her every will show her how much you care and like her” “Ask her out” “Be a gentleman” The list of hilarity can steamroll on for days…but I’ll stop there.Such tidbits of tips look and sound nice: But they aren’t effective and would serve to turn the girl off opposed to attracting her.Men on the other hand, for some crazy reason, not aware that women and men think differently, would instantly gobble up cliches advice from women as gospel and viable.

One should have comfort in knowing that he can be himself and still attract women, still get laid and still maintain a harem of hotties in which to chose from. The reality is: being yourself doesn’t guarantee this in the least [assuming “yourself” isn’t up to standard].However, judging from the virtual statistics and what the eye can see, the average dude does NOT have his shit together as far as the components in which he’ll need to incorporate into his lifestyle in order to attract women and have a fruitful life in accordance with that.Hence to say to a slob: “Just be yourself dude”, is tantamount to treason against humanity in my book. That’s just a peek into the psyche of the average guy who’s adverse to changes.To be fair to women, they don’t actually know that they’re giving terrible advice and causing more harm than good whenever declaring to their male friends: “Just be yourself Tim!If she doesn’t like you then it wasn’t meant to be”. And humans in general love to give advice as their opinions are valued and show them up as being “well-rounded and wise”.

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