Validating date in textbox in asp net

Now we need to test the preceding approach in a SSRS Report. Here I have used an order from date of October and an order to date of April and clicked the View Report button and then I got the following message that is the purpose of this tutorial.Once you’ve added the above code, build and run your project (F5) and you should have a failing validation on date of birth textbox which will fire when you hit the Create button.For this I write simple VB code and place it in the custom code window.

In the same manner we create another parameter for Order To Date. Now when we run the SSRS report we can see two parameters on the top of SSRS report window. In my case the validation of the Order from Date is that it should be less than the Order to date. Step 1Create a Parameter name as Is Validdate and set the visibility to internal because we use this parameter for internal processes only. Then go to the default values tab of this parameter and specify values.

Now we will see how to use this function in a SSRS report for date validation.

Now I will create two parameters for the report, one is Order from Date and the other is Order To Date.

Before starting we need to understand where we can write custom code in SSRS. There we can write custom (VB) code only in this window.

For this go to any RDL file and then go to the top menu bar Report and then select the Report properties option from here. Now we will start with our point, that is date parameter validation.

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