Updating netapp firmware

Open a hidden CIFS share to both of your Net App filers.

\IPaddress\C$\If you get an error about a share not being available, you have to enable CIFS on your filer.

Chris Kranz (@ckranz) over at uk has a good guide for ONTAP Upgrades.

I wanted to spoon feed his tutorial a bit more for anyone else wanting to do their first Net App ONTAP upgrade.

Now all you have to do is to go compare your version with the current one.

Check all the per-requsits, download the new one and go with the given instruction of installation.

The firmware files are stored in the /mroot/etc/disk_fw directory on the node. The revision part of the file name is the number against which the node compares each disk's current firmware version.

This will be done the n00b fashion way with Windows :) So here we go from the beginning: The ONTAP upgrade is done to ensure that the Net App SAN has the most recent release of software.

This is also a non-disruptive upgrade because in this case we have 2 controllers (or nodes). We will be using windows and CIFS to perform the upgrade.

The firmware file name is in the form of "product-ID.revision. For example, if the firmware file is for Seagate disks with product ID X225_ST336704FC and the firmware version is NA02, the filename is X225_ST336704FC. If the node in this example contains disks with firmware version NA01, the /mroot/etc/disk_fw/X225_ST336704FC. LOD file is used to update every eligible disk when you execute this command.

Automatic versus Manual Firmware Download Follow the instructions in "How to Update the Firmware for an HA Pair in a Cluster" to ensure that the updating process is successful.

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