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We liberal elite can all have a good laugh at Sally and Nigel Rowe, the Christian couple who withdrew their child from school after a male pupil turned up wearing a dress.

Susie Green, the chair of transgender support group Mermaids, was the progressive voice of reason against narrow-minded bigots on Tuesday’s programme.

'I have been so lucky with my support network though – I tink that is so much more important in the end than how you look or how much you spend getting there.' Ms Membrey has already spent 'tens of thousands' to get where she is today but says she 'will never look back'.

You could almost hear the sympathetic head-tilt of interviewer, Sarah Montague, as Green told listeners that we all have a duty to educate ourselves to alleviate the suffering of transgender children.

Taking issue with a boy who wants to wear a dress is ridiculous.

She thought that she must be gay, though admitted 'that wasn't right for me either'.

As she grew more, she started letting her hair grow longer, but found that the gay men she was attracted to didn't like her back and preferred men who actually looked like boys.

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