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The trail is clearly visible as it also serves as a 4X4 road up to the radio tower at the summit, though often covered with waist high vegetation..These crabs used to be all over the South Pacific Islands, but apparently, they just taste so damn good that there are hardly any left on populated islands.Touchdown on the beachside runway in Ofu signals the start of the weekly rush hour, as locals greet relatives returning from Tutuila with a big smile, government workers change shifts and a few lucky tourists begin the vacation of a lifetime. Jungle covered peaks hiding rare coconut crabs under the canopy, some of the cleanest air in the South Pacific, sleepy villages waking up only for Sunday church service, and Any traveler in search of a pristine, yet to be discovered destination and with a love for the tropical outdoors – should absolutely make the effort to make it to Ofu. Considering just how remote this place is, the lodge exemplifies the true meaning of paradise – without the need for luxury overwater bungalows..

With so many of these guys around, it’s no wonder why the sand on Ofu Beach is of the purest kind.

There were no bicycles to use when I visited but you might be able to rent a vehicle if one is available.

Getting around on foot is not a problem though and any local passing by will always offer a lift. The inn is operated by Army veteran Trevor and his family, descendants of the chief responsible for successfully lobbying the American government to build a bridge over the Asaga Strait, finally connecting Ofu with Olosega.

With power lines buried in the ground to protect from the elements, walking along the road feels like walking on some distant tropical planet.

On one side, the strikingly blue and white colors of water and sand peak from time to time from beyond the thick coastal vegetation.

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