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Via The Shade Room: Ashanti reportedly spent her New Years in Jamaica partying it up with other celebs: Do you think Foxy was wrong for going in on Ashanti? Once known to his friends as "Spaghetti" (tall and slim), but this was later shortened to Spragga.(did you not appreciate my offer of coffee and fresh cream cakes from the bakery? Boat ride appointments; and last but surely not least; – 6.) And I should WARN you that OUR HUSBAND is speechless (that’s a first) as he also ponders just like myself and Elizabeth how you could not turn up for your WIFE FOR LIFE appointment (did you forget your title) but yet you frequently turn up for: – 1. Other men’s bed appointments (you little minx) – I would name and shame your outstanding resume, but that my little lovely is probably best left for another day as one thing is certain; -your WIFE FOR LIFESHIP spreads much further than the idiot I married (blame it on the Henny) So, in conclusion; – as you did not turn up with your 50% WIFE FOR LIFESHIP as requested, my 50% WIFE ON PAPERSHIP carried little weight with Elizabeth and her 100% strong team, therefore with regret (NOT) I pass my baton to you and vacate my space of WIFE ON PAPERSHIP (HURRAH!For the period of 1991 and before, prior to the advent of Nielsen Music radio monitoring and point-of-sales data, the rankings are based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. The new year has just started and singer Ashanti and legendary rapper Foxy Brown are already engaged in an epic bird beef.Hot weather plus nostalgia makes for a potent mix(tape).

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He soon became an in-demand performer for numerous producers, including Bobby Digital, and hits followed with "Could a Deal" (produced by Winston Riley) and "Girls Hooray" (Steely & Clevie).

Her name is Igna Marchand, but we’re not about to call her that.

Foxy Brown, Igna’s alter-ego, is a fitting name for this hot-stuff rapper with an enchantingly smooth-sounding, hard-talking voice.

Before I address what your no show means for OUR HUSBAND I will focus on a few of the finer points of my earlier correspondence to you.

If you turn to page 2 of the earlier correspondence you would have noted (or should have noticed) that you were required to turn up with your 50% WIFE FOR LIFE share of all relevant documentation requested by Elizabeth (.she, I wanted to style her as ‘dat gyal’ but no word of a lie Elizabeth is one bad b***h and I had to suppress my animosity, I mean – to our knowledge Elizabeth has only been a part of OUR TEAM for a short time and believe you me she is definitely letting us know who is in charge – flicking hair, rolling her eyes – you should have seen her).

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