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This is my first showing at the Bay Club and I am excited to share my passion with the community.

More from the Port Ludlow Artist League - - Artist’s Reception - pm at the Gallery, next to Sound Bank.

Dana studied art and design in Sweden, and fashion design in New York City.

Dana took up oil painting and also a method of tempera on hardboard taught by Northwest artist Bill Cumming.

This is one of the world’s largest auto museums and attractions. Return: pm Members / Non-Members Sunday, Jan. After the show, we will go to Downriggers for a bite to eat, on your own. Return: pm Members / Non-Members Wednesday, Jan.

This building is four-stories and currently features at least 300 cars from various collectors, and includes motorcycles as well. 14: Port Angeles Community Players - "LOVE LETTERS" Letters exchanged over a lifetime between two people who grew up together, went their separate ways, but continued to share confidences. 17: Clearwater Casino Wonderful buffet; match play for the tables, slots and keno! 15 to reserve; we need 24 to sign up in order to go. Departs: am – Leaves Casino: pm Members / Non-Members Thursday, Jan.

Dana grew up just north of Stockholm, Sweden, “the road to school went past a magnificent oak forest dating back to the Vikings, populated, it seemed to me, by Swedish folk tale elves, gnomes and trolls - and also the wild berries and mushrooms my mother taught me to pick”.

“This classic imagery, as painted by John Bauer and others, became a major part of my artistic imagination”.

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The traditional repertoire is balanced with compositions that are lighter, shorter, readily understood and enjoyed and contain a blend of classical, jazz, Latin, Broadway/film music, and the group's own compositions and arrangements for violin, cello and piano as well as duos and solo works by its members.Intersection members play with exuberance and verve.Their dynamic range is broad, and changes in dynamics are instantaneous yet natural sounding. There is drama and excitement, but also joy, a love of music and a love of playing together. Each member of Intersections has individually achieved enviable success as a classical soloist and chamber musician-venturing beyond artistic borders and exploring new music.Ranging from a Piazzolla tango to a Jobim bossa nova, from a West Side Story melody to a gossamer Mendelssohn scherzo, an evening spent with INTERSECTION is an unforgettable one for any audience.Dazzling is the first word that comes to mind upon experiencing a performance by Intersection.

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