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He had started paying Swindon prostitutes for sex after his wife had their third child in 1996 and split from his wife in 2005.Halliwell had drifted from job to job, including spells working as a window cleaner and in the building and construction trade.The detective who helped convict double murderer Christopher Halliwell fears he could have killed or raped up to sixty victims after police unearthed a secret 'trophy cabinet' of women's belongings.Halliwell, 53, is serving a whole life term after confessing to Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher that he had killed 20-year-old Becky ­Godden.The revelation comes in an explosive new book, Catching A Serial Killer, which Mr Fulcher began writing when he quit Wiltshire Police for failing to adhere to police protocol during the investigation.The Sun reports him as saying: 'At the bottom of a pond that was 8ft deep they found Ms O'Callaghan's distinctive boot. Halliwell had been busy.'Buried around the pond were more items of women's ­clothing.I wondered, did they belong to the six other victims I suspected Halliwell of killing? Double murdered Christopher Halliwell tried to portray himself as a normal family man, claiming he was 'quiet and reserved' - but behind the caring image lay a sinister past.

But DS Fulcher - who has always insisted Halliwell has more victims - believes the stash could be a sick memento of the killer's undiscovered crimes, reflecting a roll call of the women he has targeted.

Speaking after, Detective Superintendent Sean Memory said: 'I can't believe that Becky was his first offence, from being a burglar in the 1980s to a murderer in 2003.

There was a significant gap in his offending behaviour.'On top of that, Sian wasn't murdered until 2011 so what happened in the interim eight years?

Mr Fulcher was disciplined for misconduct and later resigned, losing his £500,000 police pension and selling his house.

Haliwell was jailed for life in 2012 for beating and stabbing Ms O'Callaghan - who he believed resembled his mother - to death, before pushing her body into the 12ft ravine.

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