Older women dating younger men in nigeria

The alternative is reaching an age when we, too, shall be written off as having been complicit in our own oppression. When it came to the theft of our time and labour, why didn’t just we say no?

In 1976’s , Adrienne Rich describes how “thousands of daughters see their mothers as having taught a compromise and self-hatred they are struggling to win free of […].

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It’s interesting that all this is being done to women at a time of supposed gender revolution.

I used to look at women such as my own mother and grandmother and think “I won’t end up like you”.

She will have experienced direct and indirect sexism both at home and in the workplace – marital rape was legal until 1991 – and had little personal or state support in caring for dependants.

If she was married, the unpaid labour she contributed in the home will have meant more money in her husband’s pocket, not hers.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time – many of us weren’t – but had I known, I’d have thought it a good idea.

What is the point of feminism, if not to ensure women are treated the same as men?

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