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It is a major factor in accelerating renal function deterioration.Anemia When anemia occurs, you may experience fatigue, pale face, etc.The treatment options for Renal Failure worldwide mainly include: Dialysis Dialysis is a major replacement treatment for Renal Failure.It can take over a partial kidney function and filter middle-molecular toxins from blood.Meanwhile, the diseased kidneys can not produce enough red blood cells, thus resulting in anemia.This can result in weakness, fatigue, even if you have gotten enough sleep.Skin problem Chronic Renal Failure also affect skin.You may experience skin itching due to building of wastes in body, especially phosphorus.

It can develop for decades asymptomatically for years or occurs suddenly.※ Urine blockage in the kidneys caused by diseases and conditions that can prevent the excretion of urine from body, thus leading to Acute Renal Failure.The conditions and causes that can cause urine blockage mainly include bladder cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer , kidney stone, etc.Symptoms When kidney damage reaches certain degree, a myriad of symptoms will occur.* Nausea * Vomiting * Fatigue * Appetite loss * Sleep problem * Changes in urine output * Swelling of every area of the body * Skin itching * Difficulty breath, if the lung is filled with fluid * High blood pressure * Mental problems Causes Chronic Renal Failure usually occurs as a result of a disease or condition which can impair kidney function.

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