My ex boyfriend is dating an ugly girl dating in the dark tv show wiki

There are so many movies, books, articles, even a TV show about the crazy ex — but what about the equally crazy new girlfriend?

There's not enough crazy credit given to them, but sometimes new girlfriends deserve their own trilogy based on a novel too.

I am actually very sympathetic to all the crazy antics. I would ask the usual curious questions, and maybe sometimes when I am playing on the guy's phone I'll find out more than necessary.

There's a fine line between curiosity and borderline bat-shit crazy.

If you find yourself consumed with your partner's ex, ask yourself why.

She was feeling insecure about her relationship, for whatever reason; but then she continued her craziness with personal details about my life outside of my relationship with my ex — she was stalking my friends, even my previous exes, even my new fiancé.

I think if I had made a Facebook profile for my dog, she'd try to stalk him too!

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