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If you can’t read the Hangul yet it is possible to learn it in about 90 minutes so what are you waiting for? 남 is short for 남자, meaning “man” 사 is short for 사람, meaning “person” 친 is short for 친구, meaning friend. If you put them together, you get ‘꿀잼’, which can be used to describe something that is fun or interesting. 노 means “no” or “not” 잼 is the first part of 재미있어요, meaning interesting.

Remember it by knowing that 심장 means “heart” and 쿵쿵 is the “thud” or “booming” sound your heartbeat makes!

Guys, you can use the same term for a girl who is your friend but isn’t your girlfriend. Like lots of Korean slang (and indeed Korean words in general), these words come from taking the first parts of two other words. The full phrase is 솔직히 까놓고 말하다, but you can keep it simple.

When you want someone to tell it to you straight, use 솔까말.

Short for 엄마친구의 아들 (my mom’s friend’s son) or 엄마친구의 딸 (my mom’s friend’s daughter), these phrases are used to describe “the perfect child” or someone who is good at everything.

It originates from the fact that Korean parents like to talk to their children about how “so and so’s” son or daughter did so well on his/her tests, got into a great school or just got a new job at a big company.

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