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But IVF for sex selection is highly regulated, influenced by Jewish religious law.Couples are only eligible for sex selection for physical and mental health reasons, or if the couple has had four children from their relationship and does not have a child of the other sex.Her doctor, Omar Abdul Dayem, says he has approval from a local mufti — the deputy head of Islamic affairs in Ramallah — to do the procedure.In Dayem's view, having only daughters can cause tension in a marriage.

Her husband stood by her when the doctor pulled up the sonogram.Faten says she went through three IVF attempts before she became pregnant, and each attempt required six trips to the clinic. As an Israeli citizen, Faten is covered by universal healthcare, which includes fertility treatments for two children for women up to the age of 45.Israel has one of the highest rates of IVF in the world.She has big dreams for them — after school they ride horses, play sports and study music.Everyone knows girls are higher achievers than boys, Faten says — and she sees herself as one of those high-achieving women.

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