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They were given their first Asbo in 2002 which has now been extended for another three years by Newport magistrates.

The brothers are also prohibited from threatening, harassing or pestering a man with learning difficulties who lives in their neighbourhood.

Clive Worth from the sleepy Welsh village of Pontyates has featured in numerous TV documentaries on Internet dating.

The Chris de Burgh look-a-like has dated over 1001 women through Internet agencies.

But jobless Wainfur was yesterday back in a navy blue Nike hoodie with matching tracksuit bottoms as he took his pit bull terrier Skitz for a walk. I do what I want, not what other people want me to do."What can they have against an item of clothing?

Written by Admin on Wednesday 12 April 2006IF MARK WAINFUR pulls up the hood on his sweat top he will be breaking the law.

This week it has emerged that city councillors are considering banning hoodies in designated areas of Birmingham.

Conservative councillors listed the suggestion, which could see hooded tops banned in shopping centres and entertainment areas across the city, in its manifesto for the local council elections.

Last May, Bluewater retail mall in Kent won praise from Prime Minister Tony Blair after it said anyone caught wearing a baseball cap or hooded top would be thrown out and repeat offenders would be banned.

And the Deiniol shopping centre in Bangor also claims it led the way in the ban after having trouble identifying youths on CCTV.

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