Gods design for dating

Stories were re-tellings of the feats of great heroes, of the gods, the goddesses, or of creation (as in Hesiod and Homer).So great was the respect for what today would be called 'non-fiction’, that Geoffrey of Monmouth (1100-1155 CE) claimed his famous , denied any original contributions to the work he compiled from earlier authors, even though today it is clear that he added much to the source material he drew from.We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers.Each article costs us about in history books as source material, plus editing and server costs.One of the earliest known literary works is the Sumerian/Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh from c.2150 BCE which deals with themes of heroism, pride, nationality, friendship, disappointment, death, and the quest for eternal life.

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Like the microcosmic universe of a Hindu temple, they help us to climb from terrestrial trails and samsaric fears.

3200) in the city of Uruk and flourished in Egypt, later in Greece (the written word having been imported there from the Phoenicians) and from there, to Rome.

Writing seems to have originated independently in China from divination practices and also independently in Mesoamerica and elsewhere.

For the purposes of study, Literature is divided into the categories of fiction or non-fiction today but these are often arbitrary decisions as ancient literature, as understood by those who wrote the tales down, as well as those who heard them spoken or sung pre-literacy, was not understood in the same way as it is in the modern-day.

Homer’s soaring odes to the grandeur of the Grecian fleet sailing for Troy or Odysseus’s journey across the wine-dark sea were as real to listeners as his descriptions of the sorceress Circe, the cyclops Polyphemus or the Sirens.

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