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“I guess you sure left that bomb bay empty, eh Left_Empty!” He could at least wait until they got back to the barracks to hear it.The enemy is Germany, in case you were confused by the oblique game references to nationalities. Of course, that’s impossible, so we don’t do it, and then we try to get fancy and bomb the oil farms from medium altitude to stay above all the flak, but get confused by the cloud cover and hit one out of three.

Continue reading → Mission 8: Doodlebug Blitz brings us our first outright failure.

That’s two times the janky grinding and wood chopping for one price!

Everyone knows the scene in Despicable Me when Agnes sees the stuffed unicorn at the carnival booth. So the Steve Carell mad scientist character has to win it for her by blowing up the booth. Not the precious cuteness of “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”.

The dino-taming survival game has launched on the Windows Store with Xbox cross-play compatibility and is part of the Play Anywhere program.

Players that own a digital copy on their Xbox One can also play the game on Windows 10, and vice versa, for free.

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