Ex boyfriend is dating another girl

By helping him pick up the pieces and put things back together again, you can actually rebuild a new relationship and a future together. Instead of thinking about your ex with this other woman, try to concentrate on your end goal: getting back together.

Instead of envisioning the two of them kissing, hugging, and everything else, think ahead to the time in the not-so-distant future when the two of you will be wrapped in each other's arms again.

By realizing that , you can put aside the jealousy and try to minimize the pain.

It always hurts to think of your boyfriend with another girl, but if you really want him back, you need to look at the big picture.

You can't show weakness or jealousy here - you need to be his rock.

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While you're trying to repair your relationship, this type of scenario is like a knife through the heart. Rebound relationships are very common, especially if you and your boyfriend were involved in a long term relationship.

As the white-hot sparks from his rebound fling die out, he's going to be exposed and unprotected... Not only will you be someone he knows, but also somebody he loves and trusts.

You'll be the comfortable, familiar choice when it comes to whatever his needs may be.

He'll also want someone he knows and is familiar with, and that person will undoubtedly be you.

Instead of being angry or bitter about your ex dating someone else, you need to be supportive and loving when this time comes.

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