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Even Black women who wear hair weaves as accessories (I most def have), and could care less about Euro standards of beauty, cannot divorce those standards from the looks they choose.

There simply is no erasing Whiteness anywhere in the world, and the sooner we all can admit that, the sooner we can get on with the healing we all so desperately need.

Even more, assimilating towards Whiteness is believed to be the key to success, not only in the U. People of color believing that White is right is absolutely the foundation of historic imperialist power structure the hyper-capitalist beauty industry of today.

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So, even if I hadn’t touched the White student with dreadlocks, I probably would have said something to him, and it likely would not have been kind. When the star spoke about his brand new and bleached blonde dreadlocks being “just hair”, I wondered if he observed that the Black people who made locs popular in the U. and throughout the African Diaspora were militants who hoped and worked to annihilate their White oppressors— men who looked just like The Biebs and that White student from San Francisco State.

I had long loved Caribbean culture and the physical beauty of locs- the way they hung like rope or stood up like tree branches.

But I knew that my admiration of their beauty wasn’t enough.

Of course she was wrong for touching him in any way, but I can identify that fury.

I recognize what it feels like when your Blackness is a journey, when it is hard won, and how difficult it is to see others adopt parts of it without doing the work to know what those parts actually represent.

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