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That is my preconception and so I'm inclined to give the woman and the doctors the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is more to this case than is currently being reported.

On the other hand, somebody who holds the preconception that women who abort babies are wicked, heartless, reckless baby-killers is going to make the opposite assumption and be inclined to assume that this is another case of wicked, reckless baby-killing.

Most cases of cleft palate cannot be called 'severe handicap'.

Posted by Hel (# 5248) on : A lot of disabilities which are currently screened and aborted because of, are not serious enough, IMO.

The curate Joanna Jepson has a personal history with this issue because she was born with a major facial deformity.

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The police allowed it to go ahead and she is contesting if the police made the correct decision under law.

She clearly identifies with the fetus but this child may have a very different life ahead of her. The mother of the unborn child may be far less equipped to handle a baby with a deformity.

Correcting Ms Jepson's facial deformity required several operations and she was able to be completely corrected, to the point of beauty.

AIUI, the abortion had happened past 24 weeks and Jepson asked the police to investigate.

They decided (as, of course, is any investigating authority's prerogative) not to pursue criminal action.

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