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In Hinduism, Kali is the goddess of time, doomsday, and death.

She's also referred to as an "eradicator of evils." This plays well into the role of Kali on Stranger Things.

To his surprise, Beatrice accepted, and down they went to the kitchen.

As they made their way down the stairs Martin watched Beatrice's gorgeous bottom sway from side to side. She had always been tight, and this was still true despite her pushing two kids out. She leaned over a bit and spread herself for him, and in he went, thrusting at a steady rhythm and pushing her against the glass like he had fantasized so often before.

We expected a ton of '80s references in the show's second season, but damn, this one goes deep.

Martin saw his wife reach for the wine, pouring herself a third cup for the night. With two young kids to take care of, time for sex was hard to come by, and this was a clear signal that soon, time would be cleared and Beatrice and he would see to their needs.

Their house had a double patio door in the kitchen, and Martin often dreamt of fucking Beatrice from behind as she stood naked on a chair in front of the doors, with him pushing her upper body so her breasts were pushed against the doors.

Soon she was ready to feel Martin's cock inside her, and she told him to fuck her.

Over the years, Martin had found out his wife liked to show herself off, but they had never done any exhibitionism together.

Had he seen a light flash on and off or was he just imagining things? Beatrice was visible because he was pressed up against the door, but he was further back.

The light stopped flashing and he refocussed on doing his best to please Beatrice.

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