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If she needs a little space after learning the news, let her take it, but I think you should trust your friend’s ability to both support your joy and deal with her own grief and frustration at the same time. We were together three years, never fought, and were good on paper together.I used to describe us as OK when the real word was lukewarm. We lost some deposits, but my ex has lost our entire circle of friends.Good age-appropriate books to get started are A: Official Prudence disclaimer that I have not read any of these books and therefore can’t speak to their efficacy in keeping enthusiastic 8-year-olds from bellowing questions about sex at the zoo, but I’m passing them along from one stressed-out parent to another. Widow seeks celibacy: My husband died three years ago, which was and is the most devastating event of my life.People used to praise me for how well I recovered, but the only thing that sustains me or brings me joy is our children.A: You are not responsible for the laziness of other men, or the women who hover, or anyone who leaves toilet paper on the floor or fails to flush, or any other combination of bad bathroom behavior.You are being perfectly polite, but don’t overthink it or try to persuade your group of friends to come ’round to your way of doing things.Here is the problem: One of my best friends has been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

This turned into a whole thing when I brought it up with friends.

I try to answer as honestly as possible—within reason, of course, depending on whether it’s appropriate for her to know something just yet.

However, I just can’t seem to come up with an appropriate response to: “What is sex? I freeze up and tell her we’ll talk about it when I have time to explain it properly.

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”: I am a very open and honest parent with my inquisitive 8-year-old daughter.

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