Cerebral palsy dating website

I thinks it's down to a question of individual strength.And here I can only speak for myself & try to be as honest as possible.In my head I have a picture of what my "Happy-ever-after" is all about.My chosen lifestyle is based on an active one and thankfully I'm blessed with my health.I can fully understand your concerns but it's all forward thinking because I have done loads of things that people would not believe.I can't see anything that isn't possible for me to do together really.I sound really cruel I know but as I am not here for the dating and have been round disability a lot I felt compelled to reply and be as truthful as possible... I've just read your profile, I'll tell you something, you're a damned sight more intelligent, humorous, gentlemanly and self depracating than a number of the men who post on here... I'd have concerns about how restrictive it would be, as to what we could do together.

I would like think that I am not quite scary to date I hope but I do wonder after a few years of not be able to get a woman to date me.

If my long term partner was to become disabled or suffered a loss of quality of life in any way then I'd be strong enough to make every sacrifice to accomodate the person I loved.

I know hand on heart I'm not strong (or man) enough to start a new relationship under those perameters.

I have been with woman who was disabled but they were not sociability suited to myself and physically sex was impossible because we were both not capable of having sex basically being as we both had limited movements.

I have also had great relationship with an abled-bodied woman and that was fantastic.

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