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The Soo’s declaration was struck down by the courts and a subsequent mayor later apologized for it.

All is forgiven, bassist Gord Sinclair told fans in 1996: "To...

Downie described the love song before a performance in 2000.

"He's all intellectual saying, 'You know on these very shores, just off these shores, there were boats that weren’t allowed to dock 100 years ago because of cholera.'" "And he's sort of saying, 'Would you like to hear a story or have sex?

The narrator of the song begs to differ, referring to the winter as a siege to be endured. A good reason to head south, maybe, but the walk from Churchill to Thompson would be a long one at 400 km.

"Grunt work time between dream state and duty," Downie croons, which is also how he was describing touring at the time. Unless you have a plane or a train, that may be what you have to do, because there's no access road.

And I think she’s sort of saying, 'First the story, then the sex.'" Algonquin is Ontario’s third-largest provincial park, roughly a four-hour drive north of the Hip's stomping grounds in Kingston.

And about his mother, Joyce, and her absolute faith in her son's innocence.

"And about our big country and its faith in man’s fallibility.

"Water is stronger than rock," Downie once wrote in an online chat with fans.

"Water threatens to, at anytime, flood in and obliterate the chalk drawing.

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