Are damien rice and lisa hannigan dating

“It was the most extraordinary collaborative event. Aaron and Bryce would be in one room writing and people would come in and do their bit.

Stargaze [Orchestra] were there and people could go in and do songs with them.

He asked if I wanted someone to write together with or needed someone to produce the record.

This had the desired effect, ultimately steering the work back on track. He’s the most open, enthusiastic and encouraging person.It’s been several years since she last was in Dingle and there’s a lot to catch up on.We retreat to the couches in the back bar of Benners, where there is only the faint sound of a hoover and the cleaning of last night’s glasses tinkling and chiming in the background.Rewind twelve hours and Dingle town was aflutter as punters flocked into pubs en masse to watch the live stream of Lisa’s highly anticipated return to St.James’ Church, where she performed material from her critically acclaimed third album ‘At Swim’.

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