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After his father disappeared during an important match, Yuya was left heartbroken and traumatized by the event because his beloved father was labeled as a "coward".

As Yoko Sakaki had stated, Yuya acts like a fool merely to beat people for insulting him about his father disappearing.

Yuya has a habit of putting his goggles over his eyes when he is either upset or embarrassed, something he did since he was young.

When Yuya Duels, he announces "Ladies and gentlemen! In the dub, his catch phrase is "Swing into action".

Yuya believes that Dueling is for the purpose of making people happy, and he is disgusted when it is used for war.

As a spectator, he will protest against any duel conducted with violence, hatred and/or anger.

During his Duel with the Sledgehammer, Yuya proved to be quite clever and skilled in Action Duels, having learned everything from his father.

Similar to Yugi Muto, Yuya has a good deal of less self-confidence than the protagonists in the previous series.

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At times like these, he ends up recalling lessons from his father, or relies on support from his friends or his mother to regain his confidence and continue the Duel.

His hair and attire's color scheme is based on the Summoning method that he specializes in, in this case Pendulum Summoning; half green and half orange/red.

During Turbo Duels, Yuya wears a Turbo Dueling suit that bears resemblance in form to Yusei Fudo's.

Due to Yuya's initial buffoonery, his friends and other people are often baffled by Yuya's behavior and believes he doesn't take things seriously.

Because his father was so famous, his friends and other people seems to have high expectations of Yuya to live up to his father's reputation while simultaneously quick to bring up Yusho's "cowardice" or scold him for his clownish actions.

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