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After playing the whole game not to mention the full version, I think this game is ok and quite creative due to the fact that almost everything takes place on a boat/yacht/ cruise(? My only complaint is that they kind of force one of the characters in the game a little too much.) and the personalities of all the characters are very unique especially maggie, if played smoothly, she goes from being very shy to something like a more than a good friend and because of your help, you and maggie were able to find what you were supposed to find, that is alantis, of course. Excellent game, though part two has been released and definitely improves on it. Some people like me probably personally find her character a little dull and would like to see a little bit of a more fair balance between all the lovely women in this game.People like to play around, whatever their sexual orientation. If you did not choose the one right girl, Elizabeth, then you lose the game. I did not get to play around with one or two girls. For example, the part where the MC and 3 girls are in the room talking about Atlantis and Pandora. When you know you are in story-mode, you can lean back and just click 1 button and you know for sure, that there was nothing to choose.Instead, I had to remain with Elizabeth, which I didn`t want because I wanted Kaori. This way the game feels less complex - like it really is - and expectations are not so high.I really can`t wait to paly the second part of it to develop the storyline with Maggie. frankly, this game is better but there`s less eroticism. Those crying for a walk-through ,to figure out Maggie, fail to understand the simplicity and complexities of almost any given woman`s mind. I rated it an 80, with subtractions for two reasons. Minus 15 is for when Maggie essentially reveals to Kean on the deck that she`s "the right person," there should have been that first romantic kiss. Great story, great characters, great art and great girls. You should be able to skip the intro, and skip the other info sections, like the greek history etc. Feel free to check what you went after that until the Roos scene. Almost, but not really; because they fit in very nicely and naturally, and they`re really great, too (the only thing that could be better is more animated scenes).Sadly I coulnd`t do anything with Kaori, which was the girl I liked the most. You could have made it more adventurous in the first part itself. There`s actually very little eroticism in the game and given the rich story lines, that`s acceptable, as long as the ball is not dropped in the second part. It is a bit linear, but that`s ok for the first part of the story. Great to see the first time, repetative and annoying after the 6th. ** Ros sex scene ** "Come on Kean, help me out here." she almost beggs you, "I`ll show you how to please a girl and... I`ve gone on two quite different paths so far, and as far as I understand, there may be a third one that doesn`t end with the "game over - try again (because you didn`t do a good enough job)" kind of scene(? I liked some of the scenarios from the story but I felt that too much of it was already a preset path that you couldn`t deviate from.

The graphics are incredible: very well made, respecting every detail and one of the things I like the most is that the women`s represented are not all super hot, but have different kinds of beauty, and we can see it in Maggie, Roos, Kaori and Nikki. I do congratulate the team on taking the high road and the graphics and the texture of the various story lines. The only tricky part was when they were getting to watch the movie. Well, this is a good to almost very good game, as it is right now. The story - the thing which can often be rather cringe-worthy, and a necessary evil you need to live through - is so engaging I was almost annoyed by the presence of sex scenes.

PS: Roos`s reactions in Dutch were a fine touch, appreciate that kind of detail. It is a bit linear, but that`s ok for the first part of the story. Kean has fainted at the opportunity to touch boobs and said he has never been near a girl but does and expert finger job. To get a good ending, you need to roleplay as true to the character as you can. Important point number one: That is very sad because it limits the game play. People have different preferences, and you did not give them the chance to play for their preferred character. If there are no other choices, then make a simple dialogue box to click so that players do not waste time doing mouse overs on the whole game screen. Because game play is long, most people won`t get to finish playing the game in only one session. It is very easy to do and makes you play much more. I like it but if we are in "story mode" make it easier to continue.

Maggie is a virgin so the finger should not have been able to get inside her pussy so easily in the first place. Fabulously done though; top quality presentation and graphics Dear Mortzeart and Tlaero. Important point number two: this is a sex fantasy game. For repeat players, have a "skip" option available. Don`t make people search for the continue-field all the time. 3) Put all text below the image so it does not move all the time. They are really easy to do and make the game much better already.

The sex in the hot tub with Roos was awesome, I love the Star Wars references - Think about Jabba and Han Solo shoots first... I didn`t think I would enjoy the exploration in the sub with Maggie, but you proved me wrong, it was exciting. As Always when Mortze and/or Tlaero make a game, I know it will be good.

I can`t wait to see what the next part is going to be like! I prefer games with story over brainless click games and they always provide :) Can`t wait till part 2 comes out! You should be able to skip the intro Its really excellent until you get to the utterly implausible sex scene between Kean and Maggie that contradicts what has gone before and spoils it for me. 2) Some like the chopper pilot because she`s smoking hot. The part where the science team, dive crew and the ship crew are introduced to each other should also have a skip button.

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